About Us

We at BlackStr would like to both welcome you and thank you for visiting us. We are a small store that aims to bring you the best possible customer service. Our goal is simply to provide value to our customers. From the products we choose to offer, to the browsing experience and throughout the shipping and delivery process, we will be there with you. Any questions? Ask them. We will answer them as best we can and as quickly as possible. Email us at (info@neugenmerch.com). Save us in your contacts. We want to create a friends and family vibe with positive energy, peace, and bonds that will grow with us as we grow. There are many things in this world that seek to destroy. We would like to be a tool that you use to build and create.

BlackStr is an idea born out of a deep desire to fill in the spaces where peace should dwell, but is often blocked. It only takes a little bit of living to experience the off-rhythms of our world. We can't do much to change that, but we felt deeply that if we offered you a very small reminder of who you are in this world then we've done our best work.